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WEBINAR- There's a Bully at My Work...Now What? - Tuesday April 15 at 07:00 am EST

Posted by Wally Hauck on April 8, 2014 6:41 am

There's a Bully at My Work...Now What?

Bullying and employee engagement don't mix. Bullying is one person intimidating or threatening another in a disrespectful, dominating, or cruel manner. Bullies tend to put performance results ahead of all other considerations including respect and trust. Bullies think about themselves and not about others. Aggressiveness is action without regard to others. It's an "I win and you lose" strategy. Assertiveness is action with a "win-win" strategy. Employee engagement can only grow in a culture that discourages and prevents bullying while encouraging collaboration, respect, and effective relationships with win-win communications.

In this one hour webinar participants will learn:

  • Why bullies exist and why they survive in organizations
  • How to shift your thinking about a bully to create positive power and influence
  • Techniques which will re-direct the bully's attacks and starve the source of a bully's power

    When: Tuesday, April at 07:00 am ES

    Where: One Hour Webinar. This class will happen Live.

    Investment: $20.00 



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