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Why Employees Behave Like Children: How They Can Become Adults

Posted by Wally Hauck on January 1, 2015 5:41 pm

profile_862403606_childishWhy Employees Behave Like Children: How Can They Grow Up Quickly?

Virtually every Human Resources manager today vigorously shakes his/her head up and down whenever they are asked if they regularly see employees behave like children. Why is it that adults behave like children at work?

The word "supervise" means to oversee i.e. "over" (super) "see" (vis). This suggests that employees must be watched carefully to assure quality, proper behavior, effort etc. Is this what we want in our organizations? Does overseeing people's work improve performance? Is this even possible in today's fast paced working environments?

There are two types of childish behavior. One has a very positive impact on the organization, the other damages productivity and performance. The webinar shows participants how to encourage the positive and discourage the negative.

Participants will learn:

  • The two types of childish behaviors
    • The causes of childish behaviors and how to remove them
    • A breakthrough leadership model which can bring forth the adult in all employees
    • The impact you can achieve now

  • TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2015- 7:00 AM EST

    Cost: $40.00


    This class will happen LIVE

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